GEST8 – Kaleidoscope

cd-gest8-01Kaleidoscope is the debut album from GEST8, an innovative improvising ensemble made up of eight of Sydney’s leading musicians. Each of the players is a virtuoso on their instrument with a strong original sound, renowned for outstanding creative ideas and conceptual breadth and imagination. Kaleidoscope released by Tall Poppies Records, was launched at The Sound Lounge in October 2007

– Tony Gorman bandleader
– Sandy Evans saxophonist, bandleader
– Satsuki Odamura Koto
– Simon Barker drums
– Paul Cutlan saxophones, clarinet
– Carl Dewhurst guitarist
– Steve Elphick bass
– Phil Slater trumpet
– Greg White computer

Simon Barker, Carl Dewhurst, Steve Elphick, Sandy Evans, Terry Gorman, Satsuki Odamura, Phil Slater, Greg White

Mosaic Odamura/Evans
A Shower Of Sunbeams Evans
Winter Flight Evans
Inner Space Evans
The Emperor’s Old Clothes Gorman
Whistling At Dinner Gorman
Kaleidoscope Gorman
Lambent Gorman
Platform Slater/White
Suddenly Susanly Gorman
School’s Out Evans
The March Of Captain Vanstone Evans
Nothing Like Dewhurst/Barker/Elphick/Slater

Paul Cutlan – Sydney Morning Herald
“The exceptional vitality and clarity of the recording hits you instantly, from the icy sounds of Lambent to the way the layered nuances in the breezy West African groove of A Shower of Sunbeams seem to be individually illuminated.”

John McBeath – The Australian
“Effective use is made of instrumental and structural variety from the Asian/electronic blend of abstractions on koto-led tracks like Mosaic or Inner Space to the fusing of koto into imaginative jazz themes in School’s Out and A Shower of Sunbeams…
One of the most successful fusions of contemporary Australian jazz with Asian and electronic influences yet to appear.”

“This is one of the most interesting and unusual jazz performances you are likely to hear for some time. Impossibly, this band is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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