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    Membership Agreement
    Open to those who have obtained their koto qualifications and paid their annual fees to The Koto Music Institute of Australia.

    Membership Fees:
    Annual membership fees are payable in advance, due 30th April. Fees are non-refundable. New members are required to pay prorated fees to the end of April in the first year.

    Membership Privileges:
    Members may receive a special rate on lessons, examination fees, concerts, music books, koto equipment and selected events organised by the Institute. Members can register for koto certificates on successful completion of their examinations. Those who have reached Koto-teaching licence Certificate will be able to conduct their own lessons under the name of The Koto Music Institute of Australia. Members will receive newsletters.

    Koto Certificates:
    All koto students can apply to take a grading test for koto certificates. However, members of the Koto Music Institute of Australia are entitled to special rate on examination fees. To obtain certificates, a student should submit recordings of their performance of appropriate piece(s). The student should pay for the examination fee listed as follows. Recordings are accepted in early May and November every year. Students may audition for more than two levels at a time provided fees are paid.

    Grade Examination Fee
    Examination Fee
    1 $100 $110
    2 $120 $130
    3 $140 $150
    4 $160 $180
    5 $180 $200
    6, 7, 8, 9 $200 $220

    Loss of Membership:
    If a member withdraws from the Institute on his or her own accord or is in arrears with their membership fees, he or she will automatically lose their membership. When a teacher loses his or her membership his or her students will come under the guidance and supervision of the Director of the Institute.
    - Withdrawal: A member withdrawing from the Institute has to submit in writing his or her intention to leave the Institute.
    - Arrears: A member who does not pay fees for a period of two years will lose their membership of the Institute and will not be permitted to practise as a licensed teacher of The Koto Music Institute of Australia.

    If a member does not pay membership fees for more than one year, in the following year, the previous year’s fees must be paid to maintain affiliation with the Institute.
    If an individual withdraws, then rejoins the Institute, they must re-apply for certification and start from the pre-beginner level regardless of the level previously achieved. Exceptions can be made at the sole discretion of the institute, for example if a student had to withdraw due to illness.
    If a member changes their names, addresses, contact numbers, he/she should notify them to the Institute immediately.

    Check here if you accept these terms.