Koto lessons are available from the Koto Music Institute of Australia in Sydney and Melbourne.
The two instructors in Sydney are Satsuki Odamura (Ashfield) and Hitomi Kurosawa (North Sydney), while the instructor in Melbourne (Caulfield) is Brandon Lee.
A wide range of styles is taught, including traditional pieces, Miyagi, Sawai, and contemporary pieces.
Lessons can be either private lessons or in a group setting (maximum number of 3 students at a time)
Shamisen lessons are also available (taught by Satsuki and Brandon)
Skype lessons are also available in some cases.
If you do not own a koto, instrumental hire is available for $20 a week. However, Koto tsume (picks) and scores need to be purchased
Language of Instruction
Lessons available in English and Japanese
Sydney          Satsuki Odamura      enquiries@satsukikoto.com.au
Melbourne     Brandon Lee             brandonkoto@gmail.com