cd-prim-01A word meaning ‘spring’ or ‘native well’, prrim is the name adopted by three exceptional Australian musicians of diverse backgrounds, to encapsulate the vision and thrust of the music they make together – Satsuki Odamura on koto, Tunji Beier on South Indian percussion and Adrian Sheriff on bass trombone.

While the name of the name comes from the language of the indigenous Wembawemba people of Western Victoria, the music casts a wide net, encompassing a range of traditions from across the world, including: South Indian, Japanese and Indonesian – with a touch of jazz.

True to its name, the ensemble is fresh, alive and spontaneous, focusing on improvisation and original compositions which traverse a broad emotional palette. A particular fascination of the group is the exploration of the South Indian rhythmic tradition as a creative spring-board for their musical adventures. Sharing a common passion for heartfelt communication through sound, together they display exceptional dynamic rapport and synergy.

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