Burning House

cd-burning-house-01The music on Burning House ranges from pieces inspired by traditional koto music through to works which draw their inspiration from sources totally unrelated to Japanese culture.
Burning House won the 1998 Sounds Australian Award.

Seven outstanding Australian compositions for the koto
– Tony Lewis Alien Moon
– Sarah de Jong Unreal Fair
– Anne Norman Inner States
– Sarah de Jong In Other Ways Your Image
– Anne Boyd Cloudy Mountain
– Barry Conyngham Afterimages
– Liza Lim Burning House

Performed by
Satsuki Odamura Koto / bass koto: all tracks, vocal: Burning house,
Mara Kiek vocal: Unreal fair
Philip South percussion: Unreal fair
Jim Denley flute: Cloudy mountain
Ian Cleworth Marimba, vibraphone and percussion: Afterimages
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Sound Clip from “Burning House”
Satsuki Odamura’s performance of Burning House, for koto and her own voice, was intimate and meditative, and was especially enchanting.
REALTIME: Review by Chris Reid

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