Sydney Int’l Women’s Jazz Festival: 8 November 2020






Magic Music: A Festival Finale Opening Doors to Magical Places

  • Sandy Evans: Saxophones
  • Satsuki Odamura: Koto and bass koto
  • Steve Elphick: Bass

Sun, 8 November 2020.
2:15 pm – 4:00 pm AEDT
The Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street. Newtown, NSW 2042

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This special event features the talents of 2020 Artist in Resident Dr Sandy Evans OAM, alongside long-time collaborators Satsuki Odamura and Steve Elphick for Magic Music.

The project brings together three musicians whose inventiveness, musicality, sensitivity and responsiveness will open doors to magical musical places.

Sandy, Satsuki and Steve come to this concert as three friends reflecting on the challenging times we have faced in 2020 as individuals, families, musicians, communities, societies, countries, the world, humans. Can the magic of music help us through this time? We believe it can and we hope you can join us for a rare live performance by three of Australia’s most esteemed musicians.


What you will need to do:

1) First and foremost if you feel unwell at all do not come to the venue, stay at home.2) Consider downloading the Covid Safe app and if you have it please ensure it is running when you attend the theatre 3) When you arrive you will need to queue with the group you are attending with, on the designated markers down the entrance staircase and along the street4) A staff member will allow groups to enter one at a time5) Once you have checked in, please sanitize your hands6) Please log the contact details of anyone in your group with our team7) You will be shown to your seat, and one of our wonderful team members will come and take your first drink order, then deliver it to you in the theatre.

8) If throughout the evening you need to get up for a drink or wish to use the bathroom please queue in the appropriate lines that are identified by large poster signage, and floor markers.9) After the performance please maintain your social distancing as you leave the venue, and be sure not to congregate on the footpath.

What 505 are doing:

1) Please know we are cleaning all high touch surfaces regularly, cleaning the full venue before and after performances and deep cleaning the venue once a week.

2) Hand sanitiser is available throughout the venue.3) Our staff are utilising PPE and being temperature checked prior to work.4) We have marked out the distanced areas between seating to ensure everyone maintains the 4m2 rule.5) We have invested in additional POS systems so that staff are not sharing equipment.6) We will be checking in with you ahead of the performance to make sure you are well .7) We will be checking in with you post performance to provide resources and information on what you should do should you fall ill.8) We are closely monitoring the advice of State and Federal Health Authorities to stay up to date on all changes in real time.