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Satsuki's Upcoming Concerts


Date : Tuesday 10 September
Place : Brisbane City Hall at 12pm
More details >> Brisbane Festival
Shinju Matsuri Festival

Date : Friday 13th Sep at 6:30
Place : The Opening Ceremony
at Carnavon Street outdoor stage

Date : Saturday 14th Sep at 1:00
Place : The Long Table Lunch
at Broom Civic Centre

Date : Sunday 15th Sep at 4:45
Place : The Mardi Gras concert on Male Oral
More details >> Shinju Matsuri
Way out West

Date : Saturday 2nd November at 11am
Place : Wangaratta Jazz Festival
More details >> Wangaratta Jazz & Blues
Satsuki Odamura is a master of the Koto.
A representative of the Sawai International Koto School, Satsuki has pioneered the introduction of teaching & performing on this ancient Japanese instrument since her arrival in Australia.
Satsuki has performed with critical success in Japan, Europe, the USSR, the United States, South East Asia and of course Australia

Koto performance by Sawai koto students @ Komachi restaurant

CDs available online
The following CDs are available for purchase from the discography on, Koto Dreaming, Kaleidoscope, Like a Bird, Where Waters Meet, Picture Dreams, Kagome, Burning House, Time never sleeps,

Koto Dreaming
Koto Dreaming is a collection of innovative & uniquely Australian multicultural compositions for koto. Koto Dreaming breaks away from the traditional sounds and compositions for koto, and includes Satsuki's own collaborative compositions with Australian artists.

Kaleidoscope is the debut album from GEST8, an innovative improvising ensemble made up of eight of Sydney's leading musicians. Each of the players is a virtuoso on their instrument with a strong original sound, renowned for outstanding creative ideas and conceptual breadth and imagination. The GEST8 CD Kaleidoscope released by Tall Poppies Records, was launched at The Sound Lounge in October 2007
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