Koto Music Institute of Australia

The core business of the Koto Music Institute of Australia is the promotion of Japanese koto music in Australia and the creation and presentation of art works of any form using koto either as the main instrument or in collaboration with other art forms and/or instruments. The Institute encourages and supports its members to create and present their art works by being an umbrella body for koto players and associated artists. The Institute distributes information and mentors and advises emerging koto players.
Members of the Institute include Odamura's current and former students from The Sawai International Koto School, which she established in 1989 with students in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. The school has issued four internationally recognised koto teaching certificates in Australia, and her students have now begun to teach koto in their own right, following in Odamura's footsteps to use koto as part of theatre, dance and other art forms.

Sawai International Koto School
Sawai International
Koto School
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The Sawai Koto Ensemble Sydney

The Sawai Koto Ensemble Sydney is led by Satsuki Odamura, the head of the Sawai International Koto School in Australia, and has been performing in venues and at festivals throughout the country for the last 10 years. The ensemble involves both the standard thirteen-string koto and the seventeen-string bass koto. Contemporary compositions form the foundation of the ensemble's repertoire and the music played explores the depth and breadth of the koto's sound. The energy of the musician's performance creates a dynamic stage presence, displaying the power and elegance for which the Sawai School is known.

Satsuki Odamura
Koto being played
Koto being played
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